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The line between simulation and arcade has blurred substantially throughout the years. I’m pretty sure it’s because developers have finally got wise to the fact that sterile sim racers are just rarely much fun to play, no matter how realistic the suspension tuning options are. But I think it’s ... Continue Reading


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Sometimes it feels like every video game wants to be an RPG. Racing games insist you level up your cars. Shooters want you to level up guns. You Must Build A Boat is a tile-matching puzzle game with dungeon-running thrown in that cheekily insists I level up a boat ... Continue Reading

Dirty Bomb review (beta)

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With a studio like Splash Damage, creator of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory behind it, it’s no surprise that free-to-play Dirty Bomb is another objective-based multiplayer team shooter. It sits towards the faster-paced end of the spectrum, somewhere between Team Fortress 2 and Quake Live. The introductory sequence informs you that ... Continue Reading